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parse_url - Parse a URL and return its components

Example #1 A parse_url example

Result: array(8) { ["scheme"]=> string(4) "http" ["host"]=> string(8) "hostname" ["port"]=> int(9090) ["user"]=> string(8) "username" ["pass"]=> string(8) "password" ["path"]=> string(5) "/path" ["query"]=> string(9) "arg=value" ["fragment"]=> string(6) "anchor" } string(4) "http" string(8) "username" string(8) "password" string(8) "hostname" int(9090) string(5) "/path" string(9) "arg=value" string(6) "anchor"
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Example #2 A parse_url example with missing scheme

Result: array(3) { ["host"]=> string(15) "" ["path"]=> string(5) "/path" ["query"]=> string(17) "googleguy=googley" }
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Example #3 of parse_url

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Function parse_url:

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