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apache_note - Get and set apache request notes
Code Examples

apache_note( string$note_name, [string|null$note_value = null] ): string|false

This function is a wrapper for Apache's table_get and table_set. It edits the table of notes that exists during a request. The table's purpose is to allow Apache modules to communicate.

The main use for apache_note is to pass information from one module to another within the same request.



The name of the note.


The value of the note.

Return Values

If note_value is omitted or null, it returns the current value of note note_name. Otherwise, it sets the value of note note_name to note_value and returns the previous value of note note_name. If the note cannot be retrieved, false is returned.


Version Description
8.0.0 note_value is nullable now.

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