PECL apcu >= 4.0.0
apcu_cache_info - Retrieves cached information from APCu's data store
Code Examples

apcu_cache_info( [bool$limited = false] ): array|false

Retrieves cached information and meta-data from APC's data store.



If limited is true, the return value will exclude the individual list of cache entries. This is useful when trying to optimize calls for statistics gathering.

Return Values

Array of cached data (and meta-data) or false on failure


apcu_cache_info will raise a warning if it is unable to retrieve APC cache data. This typically occurs when APC is not enabled.


Version Description
PECL apcu 3.0.11 The limited parameter was introduced.
PECL apcu 3.0.16 The "filehits" option for the cache_type parameter was introduced.

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