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array_rand - Pick one or more random keys out of an array

array_rand( array$array, [int$num = 1] ): int|string|array

Picks one or more random entries out of an array, and returns the key (or keys) of the random entries. It uses a pseudo random number generator that is not suitable for cryptographic purposes.



The input array.


Specifies how many entries should be picked.

Return Values

When picking only one entry, array_rand returns the key for a random entry. Otherwise, an array of keys for the random entries is returned. This is done so that random keys can be picked from the array as well as random values. If multiple keys are returned, they will be returned in the order they were present in the original array. Trying to pick more elements than there are in the array will result in an E_WARNING level error, and NULL will be returned.


Version Description
7.1.0 The internal randomization algorithm has been changed to use the Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator instead of the libc rand function.

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