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crypt - One-way string hashing
Crypt Online Tool
Code Examples

Example #1 Using crypt with different hash types

Result: Standard DES: rl.3StKT.4T8M Extended DES: _J9..rasmBYk8r9AiWNc MD5: $1$rasmusle$rISCgZzpwk3UhDidwXvin0 Blowfish: $2y$07$usesomesillystringfore2uDLvp1Ii2e./U9C8sBjqp8I90dH6hi SHA-256: $5$rounds=5000$usesomesillystri$KqJWpanXZHKq2BOB43TSaYhEWsQ1Lr5QNyPCDH/Tp.6 SHA-512: $6$rounds=5000$usesomesillystri$D4IrlXatmP7rx3P3InaxBeoomnAihCKRVQP22JZ6EY47Wc6BkroIuUUBOov1i.S5KPgErtP/EN5mcO.ChWQW21
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Example #2 crypt examples

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Example #3 Using crypt with htpasswd

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Example #4 of crypt

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