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trim - Strip whitespace (or other characters) from the beginning and end of a string

trim( string$string, [string$characters = " \n\r\t\v\x00"] ): string

This function returns a string with whitespace stripped from the beginning and end of string. Without the second parameter, trim will strip these characters:

" " (ASCII 32 (0x20)), an ordinary space.

"\t" (ASCII 9 (0x09)), a tab.

"\n" (ASCII 10 (0x0A)), a new line (line feed).

"\r" (ASCII 13 (0x0D)), a carriage return.

"\0" (ASCII 0 (0x00)), the NUL-byte.

"\v" (ASCII 11 (0x0B)), a vertical tab.



The string that will be trimmed.


Optionally, the stripped characters can also be specified using the characters parameter. Simply list all characters that you want to be stripped. With .. you can specify a range of characters.

Return Values

The trimmed string.


Possible gotcha: removing middle characters

Because trim trims characters from the beginning and end of a string, it may be confusing when characters are (or are not) removed from the middle. trim('abc', 'bad') removes both 'a' and 'b' because it trims 'a' thus moving 'b' to the beginning to also be trimmed. So, this is why it "works" whereas trim('abc', 'b') seemingly does not.

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