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curl_multi_info_read - Get information about the current transfers
Code Examples

curl_multi_info_read( CurlMultiHandle$multi_handle, [intqueued_messages = null] ): array|false

Ask the multi handle if there are any messages or information from the individual transfers. Messages may include information such as an error code from the transfer or just the fact that a transfer is completed.

Repeated calls to this function will return a new result each time, until a false is returned as a signal that there is no more to get at this point. The integer pointed to with queued_messages will contain the number of remaining messages after this function was called.


The data the returned resource points to will not survive calling curl_multi_remove_handle.



A cURL multi handle returned by curl_multi_init.


Number of messages that are still in the queue

Return Values

On success, returns an associative array for the message, false on failure.

Contents of the returned array
Key: Value:
msg The CURLMSG_DONE constant. Other return values are currently not available.
result One of the CURLE_* constants. If everything is OK, the CURLE_OK will be the result.
handle Resource of type curl indicates the handle which it concerns.


Version Description
8.0.0 multi_handle expects a CurlMultiHandle instance now; previously, a resource was expected.

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