PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5 < 5.1.0
dio_seek - Seeks to pos on fd from whence
Code Examples

dio_seek( resource$fd, int$pos, [int$whence = SEEK_SET] ): int

The function dio_seek is used to change the file position of the given file descriptor.



The file descriptor returned by dio_open.


The new position.


Specifies how the position pos should be interpreted:

SEEK_SET (default) - specifies that pos is specified from the beginning of the file.

SEEK_CUR - Specifies that pos is a count of characters from the current file position. This count may be positive or negative.

SEEK_END - Specifies that pos is a count of characters from the end of the file. A negative count specifies a position within the current extent of the file; a positive count specifies a position past the current end. If you set the position past the current end, and actually write data, you will extend the file with zeros up to that position.

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