PECL fann >= 1.0.0
fann_set_callback - Sets the callback function for use during training

fann_set_callback( resource$ann, callable$callback ): bool

Sets the callback function for use during training. It means that it is called from fann_train_on_data or fann_train_on_file.



Neural network resource.


The supplied callback function takes following parameters: ann - The neural network resource train - The train data resource or null if called from fann_train_on_file max_epochs - The maximum number of epochs the training should continue epochs_between_reports - The number of epochs between calling this function desired_error - The desired fann_get_MSE or fann_get_bit_fail, depending on the stop function chosen by fann_set_train_stop_function epochs - The current epoch

The callback should return true. If it returns false, the training will terminate.

Return Values

Returns true on success, or false otherwise.

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Function fann_set_callback:

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