PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PHP 8
forward_static_call_array - Call a static method and pass the arguments as array
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forward_static_call_array( callable$callback, array$args ): mixed

Calls a user defined function or method given by the callback parameter. This function must be called within a method context, it can't be used outside a class. It uses the late static binding. All arguments of the forwarded method are passed as values, and as an array, similarly to call_user_func_array.



The function or method to be called. This parameter may be an array, with the name of the class, and the method, or a string, with a function name.


One parameter, gathering all the method parameter in one array.


Note that the parameters for forward_static_call_array are not passed by reference.

Return Values

Returns the function result, or false on error.

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