PHP 5, PHP 7 < 7.4.0
ibase_fetch_object - Get an object from a InterBase database
Code Examples

ibase_fetch_object( resource$result_id, [int$fetch_flag = 0] ): object

Fetches a row as a pseudo-object from a given result identifier.

Subsequent calls to ibase_fetch_object return the next row in the result set.



An InterBase result identifier obtained either by ibase_query or ibase_execute.


fetch_flag is a combination of the constants IBASE_TEXT and IBASE_UNIXTIME ORed together. Passing IBASE_TEXT will cause this function to return BLOB contents instead of BLOB ids. Passing IBASE_UNIXTIME will cause this function to return date/time values as Unix timestamps instead of as formatted strings.

Return Values

Returns an object with the next row information, or false if there are no more rows.

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