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imap_fetch_overview - Read an overview of the information in the headers of the given message
Code Examples

imap_fetch_overview( IMAP\Connection$imap, string$sequence, [int$flags = 0] ): array|false

This function fetches mail headers for the given sequence and returns an overview of their contents.



An IMAP\Connection instance.


A message sequence description. You can enumerate desired messages with the X,Y syntax, or retrieve all messages within an interval with the X:Y syntax


sequence will contain a sequence of message indices or UIDs, if this parameter is set to FT_UID.

Return Values

Returns an array of objects describing one message header each. The object will only define a property if it exists. The possible properties are:

subject - the messages subject

from - who sent it

to - recipient

date - when was it sent

message_id - Message-ID

references - is a reference to this message id

in_reply_to - is a reply to this message id

size - size in bytes

uid - UID the message has in the mailbox

msgno - message sequence number in the mailbox

recent - this message is flagged as recent

flagged - this message is flagged

answered - this message is flagged as answered

deleted - this message is flagged for deletion

seen - this message is flagged as already read

draft - this message is flagged as being a draft

udate - the UNIX timestamp of the arrival date

The function returns false on failure.


Version Description
8.1.0 The imap parameter expects an IMAP\Connection instance now; previously, a resource was expected.

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