PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PHP 8
iterator_to_array - Copy the iterator into an array
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iterator_to_array( Traversable$iterator, [bool$preserve_keys = true] ): array

Copy the elements of an iterator into an array.



The iterator being copied.


Whether to use the iterator element keys as index.

If a key is an array or object, a warning will be generated. null keys will be converted to an empty string, float keys will be truncated to their int counterpart, resource keys will generate a warning and be converted to their resource ID, and bool keys will be converted to integers.


If this parameter is not set or set to true, duplicate keys will be overwritten. The last value with a given key will be in the returned array. Set this parameter to false to get all the values in any case.

Return Values

An array containing the elements of the iterator.

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