PHP 5 >= 5.2.11, PHP 7, PHP 8 Deprecated: PHP 8.0.0
libxml_disable_entity_loader - Disable the ability to load external entities

libxml_disable_entity_loader( [bool$disable = true] ): bool

Disable/enable the ability to load external entities. Note that disabling the loading of external entities may cause general issues with loading XML documents. However, as of libxml 2.9.0 entity substitution is disabled by default, so there is no need to disable the loading of external entities, unless there is the need to resolve internal entity references with LIBXML_NOENT. Generally, it is preferable to use libxml_set_external_entity_loader to suppress loading of external entities.



Disable (true) or enable (false) libxml extensions (such as , and ) to load external entities.

Return Values

Returns the previous value.

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Function libxml_disable_entity_loader:

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