PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8
mt_rand - Generate a random value via the Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator

mt_rand( ): int
intmt_rand intmin intmax



Optional lowest value to be returned (default: 0)


Optional highest value to be returned (default: mt_getrandmax)

Return Values

A random integer value between min (or 0) and max (or mt_getrandmax, inclusive), or false if max is less than min.



min max range must be within the range mt_getrandmax. i.e. (max - min) <= mt_getrandmax Otherwise, mt_rand may return poorer random numbers than it should.


Version Description
7.2.0 mt_rand has received a bug fix for a modulo bias bug. This means that sequences generated with a specific seed may differ from PHP 7.1 on 64-bit machines.
7.1.0 rand has been made an alias of mt_rand.
7.1.0 mt_rand has been updated to use the fixed, correct, version of the Mersenne Twister algorithm. To fall back to the old behaviour, use mt_srand with MT_RAND_PHP as the second parameter.

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