PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7, PHP 8
password_needs_rehash - Checks if the given hash matches the given options

password_needs_rehash( string$hash, string|int|null$algo, [array$options = []] ): bool

This function checks to see if the supplied hash implements the algorithm and options provided. If not, it is assumed that the hash needs to be rehashed.



A hash created by password_hash.


A password algorithm constant denoting the algorithm to use when hashing the password.


An associative array containing options. See the password algorithm constants for documentation on the supported options for each algorithm.

Return Values

Returns true if the hash should be rehashed to match the given algo and options, or false otherwise.


Version Description
7.4.0 The algo parameter expects a string now, but still accepts ints for backward compatibility.

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