PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7
wddx_deserialize - Unserializes a WDDX packet

wddx_deserialize( string$packet ): mixed

Unserializes a WDDX packet.


Do not pass untrusted user input to wddx_deserialize. Unserialization can result in code being loaded and executed due to object instantiation and autoloading, and a malicious user may be able to exploit this. Use a safe, standard data interchange format such as JSON (via json_decode and json_encode) if you need to pass serialized data to the user.



A WDDX packet, as a string or stream.

Return Values

Returns the deserialized value which can be a string, a number or an array. Note that structures are deserialized into associative arrays.

Function wddx_deserialize:

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