PECL win32service >=0.4.0
win32_set_service_exit_code - Define or return the exit code for the current running service

win32_set_service_exit_code( [int$exitCode = 1] ): int

Change or return the exit code. The exit code is used only if the exit mode is not graceful. If the value is not zero, the recovery configuration can be used after service fail. See Microsoft system error codes for more details


This function work only in "cli" SAPI. On other SAPI this function is disabled.



The return code used on exit.

Return Values

Return the current or old exit code.

Exceptions and Errors

Prior to version 1.0.0, if the SAPI is not "cli", this function emits an E_ERROR level error.

As of version 1.0.0, will throw a Win32ServiceException if SAPI is not "cli"


Version Description
PECL win32service 1.0.0 Throws a ValueError on invalid data in parameters, previously false was returned.
PECL win32service 1.0.0 Throws a Win32ServiceException on error, previously a Win32 Error Code was returned.

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Function win32_set_service_exit_code:

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