PECL wincache >= 1.1.0
wincache_scache_info - Retrieves information about files cached in the session cache
Code Examples

wincache_scache_info( [bool$summaryonly = false] ): array|false

Retrieves information about session cache content and its usage.



Controls whether the returned array will contain information about individual cache entries along with the session cache summary.

Return Values

Array of meta data about session cache or false on failure

The array returned by this function contains the following elements:

total_cache_uptime - total time in seconds that the session cache has been active

total_item_count - total number of elements that are currently in the session cache

is_local_cache - true is the cache metadata is for a local cache instance, false if the metadata is for the global cache

total_hit_count - number of times the data has been served from the cache

total_miss_count - number of times the data has not been found in the cache

scache_entries - an array that contains the information about all the cached items:

key_name - name of the key which is used to store the data

value_type - type of value stored by the key

use_time - time in seconds since the file has been accessed in the opcode cache

last_check - time in seconds since the file has been checked for modifications

ttl_seconds - time remaining for the data to live in the cache, 0 meaning infinite

age_seconds - time elapsed from the time data has been added in the cache

hitcount - number of times data has been served from the cache

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