PECL xattr >= 0.9.0
xattr_get - Get an extended attribute
Code Examples

xattr_get( string$filename, string$name, [int$flags = 0] ): string

This function gets the value of an extended attribute of a file.

Extended attributes have two different namespaces: user and root. The user namespace is available to all users, while the root namespace is available only to users with root privileges. xattr operates on the user namespace by default, but this can be changed with the flags parameter.



The file from which we get the attribute.


The name of the attribute.


Supported xattr flags
XATTR_DONTFOLLOW Do not follow the symbolic link but operate on symbolic link itself.
XATTR_ROOT Set attribute in root (trusted) namespace. Requires root privileges.

Return Values

Returns a string containing the value or false if the attribute doesn't exist.

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