PECL xdiff >= 1.5.0
xdiff_string_rabdiff - Make binary diff of two strings using the Rabin's polynomial fingerprinting algorithm

xdiff_string_bdiff( string$old_data, string$new_data ): string

Makes a binary diff of two strings and returns the result. The difference between this function and xdiff_string_bdiff is different algorithm used which should result in faster execution and smaller diff produced. This function works with both text and binary data. Resulting patch can be later applied using xdiff_string_bpatch/xdiff_file_bpatch.

For more details about differences between algorithm used please check libxdiff website.



First string with binary data. It acts as "old" data.


Second string with binary data. It acts as "new" data.

Return Values

Returns string with binary diff containing differences between "old" and "new" data or false if an internal error occurred.

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