get_debug_type - Gets the type name of a variable in a way that is suitable for debugging
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get_debug_type( mixed$value ): string

Returns the resolved name of the PHP variable value. This function will resolve objects to their class name, resources to their resource type name, and scalar values to their common name as would be used in type declarations.

This function differs from gettype in that it returns type names that are more consistent with actual usage, rather than those present for historical reasons.



The variable being type checked.

Return Values

Possible values for the returned string are:

Type + State Return Value Notes
null "null" -
Booleans (true or false) "bool" -
Integers "int" -
Floats "float" -
Strings "string" -
Arrays "array" -
Resources "resource (resourcename)" -
Resources (Closed) "resource (closed)" Example: A file stream after being closed with fclose.
Objects from Named Classes The full name of the class including its namespace e.g. Foo\Bar -
Objects from Anonymous Classes "class@anonymous" Anonymous classes are those created through the $x = new class { ... } syntax

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