PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8
is_callable - Verify that a value can be called as a function from the current scope.
Code Examples

is_callable( mixed$value, [bool$syntax_only = false], [stringcallable_name = null] ): bool

Verify that a value is a callable.



The value to check


If set to true the function only verifies that value might be a function or method. It will only reject simple variables that are not strings, or an array that does not have a valid structure to be used as a callback. The valid ones are supposed to have only 2 entries, the first of which is an object or a string, and the second a string.


Receives the "callable name". In the example below it is "someClass::someMethod". Note, however, that despite the implication that someClass::SomeMethod() is a callable static method, this is not the case.

Return Values

Returns true if value is callable, false otherwise.


An object is always callable if it implements __invoke(), and that method is visible in the current scope. A class name is callable if it implements __callStatic(). If an object implements __call(), then this function will return true for any method on that object, even if the method is not defined. This function may trigger autoloading if called with the name of a class.

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