PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8
mb_regex_set_options - Set/Get the default options for mbregex functions

mb_regex_set_options( [string|null$options = null] ): string

Sets the default options described by options for multibyte regex functions.



The options to set. This is a string where each character is an option. To set a mode, the mode character must be the last one set, however there can only be set one mode but multiple options.

Regex options
Option Meaning
i Ambiguity match on
x Enables extended pattern form
m '.' matches with newlines
s '^' -> '\A', '$' -> '\Z'
p Same as both the m and s options
l Finds longest matches
n Ignores empty matches
e eval resulting code
Regex syntax modes
Mode Meaning
j Java (Sun java.util.regex)
u GNU regex
g grep
c Emacs
r Ruby
z Perl
b POSIX Basic regex
d POSIX Extended regex

Return Values

The previous options. If options is omitted or null, it returns the string that describes the current options.


Version Description
8.0.0 If the parameter options is given and not null, the previous options are returned. Formerly, the current options have been returned.
8.0.0 options is nullable now.

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