sqlsrv_connect - Opens a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database
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sqlsrv_connect( string$serverName, [array$connectionInfo] ): resource

Opens a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database. By default, the connection is attempted using Windows Authentication. To connect using SQL Server Authentication, include "UID" and "PWD" in the connection options array.



The name of the server to which a connection is established. To connect to a specific instance, follow the server name with a backward slash and the instance name (e.g. serverName\sqlexpress).


An associative array that specifies options for connecting to the server. If values for the UID and PWD keys are not specified, the connection will be attempted using Windows Authentication. For a complete list of supported keys, see SQLSRV Connection Options.

Return Values

A connection resource. If a connection cannot be successfully opened, false is returned.


By default, the sqlsrv_connect uses connection pooling to improve connection performance. To turn off connection pooling (i.e. force a new connection on each call), set the "ConnectionPooling" option in the $connectionOptions array to 0 (or false). For more information, see SQLSRV Connection Pooling.

The SQLSRV extension does not have a dedicated function for changing which database is connected to. The target database is specified in the $connectionOptions array that is passed to sqlsrv_connect. To change the database on an open connection, execute the following query "USE dbName" (e.g. sqlsrv_query($conn, "USE dbName")).

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