sqlsrv_free_stmt - Frees all resources for the specified statement
Code Examples

sqlsrv_free_stmt( resource$stmt ): bool

Frees all resources for the specified statement. The statement cannot be used after sqlsrv_free_stmt has been called on it. If sqlsrv_free_stmt is called on an in-progress statement that alters server state, statement execution is terminated and the statement is rolled back.



The statement for which resources are freed. Note that null is a valid parameter value. This allows the function to be called multiple times in a script.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.


The main difference between sqlsrv_free_stmt and sqlsrv_cancel is that a statement resource cancelled with sqlsrv_cancel can be re-executed if it was created with sqlsrv_prepare. A statement resource cancelled with sqlsrv_free_statement cannot be re-executed.

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