PECL uopz 2 >= 2.0.2, PECL uopz 5, PECL uopz 6, PECL uopz 7
uopz_flags - Get or set flags on function or class
Code Examples

uopz_flags( string$function, [int$flags = PHP_INT_MAX] ): int
intuopz_flags stringclass stringfunction intflagsPHP_INT_MAX



The name of a class


The name of the function. If class is given and an empty string is passed as function, uopz_flags gets or sets the flags of the class entry.


A valid set of ZEND_ACC_ flags. If omitted, uopz_flags acts as getter.

Return Values

If setting, returns old flags, else returns flags

Exceptions and Errors

As of PHP 7.4.0, if the parameter flags is passed, uopz_flags throws a RuntimeException, if OPcache is enabled, and the class entry of class or the function entry of function is immutable.


Version Description
PECL uopz 5.0.0 The flags parameter is now optional. Formerly, ZEND_ACC_FETCH had to be passed to use uopz_flags as getter.

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