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uopz_set_mock - Use mock instead of class for new objects
Code Examples

uopz_set_mock( string$class, mixed$mock ): void

If mock is a string containing the name of a class then it will be instantiated instead of class. mock can also be an object.


Only dynamic access to properties and methods will use the mock object. Static access still uses the original class. See example below.



The name of the class to be mocked.


The mock to use in the form of a string containing the name of the class to use or an object. If a string is passed, it has to be the fully qualified class name. It is recommended to use the ::class magic constant in this case.

Return Values

No value is returned.


Version Description
uopz 6.0.0 Mocking static members is no longer supported by this function. uopz_redefine and uopz_set_return, or Componere can be used instead.

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