PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0
db2_exec - Executes an SQL statement directly
Code Examples

db2_exec( resource$connection, string$statement, [array$options] ): resource

Executes an SQL statement directly.

If you plan to interpolate PHP variables into the SQL statement, understand that this is one of the more common security exposures. Consider calling db2_prepare to prepare an SQL statement with parameter markers for input values. Then you can call db2_execute to pass in the input values and avoid SQL injection attacks.

If you plan to repeatedly issue the same SQL statement with different parameters, consider calling db2_prepare and db2_execute to enable the database server to reuse its access plan and increase the efficiency of your database access.



A valid database connection resource variable as returned from db2_connect or db2_pconnect.


An SQL statement. The statement cannot contain any parameter markers.


An associative array containing statement options. You can use this parameter to request a scrollable cursor on database servers that support this functionality.

For a description of valid statement options, see db2_set_option.

Return Values

Returns a statement resource if the SQL statement was issued successfully, or false if the database failed to execute the SQL statement.

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