PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0
db2_procedure_columns - Returns a result set listing stored procedure parameters

): resource

Returns a result set listing the parameters for one or more stored procedures.



A valid connection to an IBM DB2, Cloudscape, or Apache Derby database.


A qualifier for DB2 databases running on OS/390 or z/OS servers. For other databases, pass null or an empty string.


The schema which contains the procedures. This parameter accepts a search pattern containing _ and % as wildcards.


The name of the procedure. This parameter accepts a search pattern containing _ and % as wildcards.


The name of the parameter. This parameter accepts a search pattern containing _ and % as wildcards. If this parameter is null, all parameters for the specified stored procedures are returned.

Return Values

Returns a statement resource with a result set containing rows describing the parameters for the stored procedures matching the specified parameters. The rows are composed of the following columns:

Column name Description
PROCEDURE_CAT The catalog that contains the procedure. The value is null if this table does not have catalogs.
PROCEDURE_SCHEM Name of the schema that contains the stored procedure.
PROCEDURE_NAME Name of the procedure.
COLUMN_NAME Name of the parameter.

An integer value representing the type of the parameter:

Return value Parameter type
1 (SQL_PARAM_INPUT) Input (IN) parameter.
2 (SQL_PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT) Input/output (INOUT) parameter.
3 (SQL_PARAM_OUTPUT) Output (OUT) parameter.

DATA_TYPE The SQL data type for the parameter represented as an integer value.
TYPE_NAME A string representing the data type for the parameter.
COLUMN_SIZE An integer value representing the size of the parameter.
BUFFER_LENGTH Maximum number of bytes necessary to store data for this parameter.
DECIMAL_DIGITS The scale of the parameter, or null where scale is not applicable.
NUM_PREC_RADIX An integer value of either 10 (representing an exact numeric data type), 2 (representing an approximate numeric data type), or null (representing a data type for which radix is not applicable).
NULLABLE An integer value representing whether the parameter is nullable or not.
REMARKS Description of the parameter.
COLUMN_DEF Default value for the parameter.
SQL_DATA_TYPE An integer value representing the size of the parameter.
SQL_DATETIME_SUB Returns an integer value representing a datetime subtype code, or null for SQL data types to which this does not apply.
CHAR_OCTET_LENGTH Maximum length in octets for a character data type parameter, which matches COLUMN_SIZE for single-byte character set data, or null for non-character data types.
ORDINAL_POSITION The 1-indexed position of the parameter in the CALL statement.
IS_NULLABLE A string value where 'YES' means that the parameter accepts or returns null values and 'NO' means that the parameter does not accept or return null values.

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