PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0
db2_fetch_row - Sets the result set pointer to the next row or requested row
Code Examples

db2_fetch_row( resource$stmt, [int$row_number] ): bool

Use db2_fetch_row to iterate through a result set, or to point to a specific row in a result set if you requested a scrollable cursor.

To retrieve individual fields from the result set, call the db2_result function.

Rather than calling db2_fetch_row and db2_result, most applications will call one of db2_fetch_assoc, db2_fetch_both, or db2_fetch_array to advance the result set pointer and return a complete row as an array.



A valid stmt resource.


With scrollable cursors, you can request a specific row number in the result set. Row numbering is 1-indexed.

Return Values

Returns true if the requested row exists in the result set. Returns false if the requested row does not exist in the result set.

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