PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0
db2_fetch_row - Sets the result set pointer to the next row or requested row
Code Examples

Example #1 Iterating through a result set

Result: cat Pook gold fish Bubbles budgerigar Gizmo goat Rickety Ride
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Example #2 i5/OS recommended alternatives to db2_fetch_row/db2_result

Result: db2_fetch_both MATCH_ANIMAL 2006-08-25- 2006-08-25- db2_fetch_both MULTIRESULTS 2006-10-17- 2006-10-17- db2_fetch_array MATCH_ANIMAL 2006-08-25- db2_fetch_array MULTIRESULTS 2006-10-17- db2_fetch_object MATCH_ANIMAL 2006-08-25- db2_fetch_object MULTIRESULTS 2006-10-17-
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