PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.1.1
db2_server_info - Returns an object with properties that describe the DB2 database server
Code Examples

Example #1 A db2_server_info example

Result: DBMS_NAME: string(9) "DB2/LINUX" DBMS_VER: string(10) "08.02.0000" DB_CODEPAGE: int(1208) DB_NAME: string(6) "SAMPLE" INST_NAME: string(8) "db2inst1" SPECIAL_CHARS: string(2) "@#" KEYWORDS: int(179) DFT_ISOLATION: string(2) "CS" ISOLATION_OPTION: string(12) "UR CS RS RR " SQL_CONFORMANCE: string(7) "FIPS127" PROCEDURES: bool(true) IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR: string(1) """ LIKE_ESCAPE_CLAUSE: bool(true) MAX_COL_NAME_LEN: int(30) MAX_ROW_SIZE: int(32677) MAX_IDENTIFIER_LEN: int(18) MAX_INDEX_SIZE: int(1024) MAX_PROC_NAME_LEN: int(128) MAX_SCHEMA_NAME_LEN: int(30) MAX_STATEMENT_LEN: int(2097152) MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN: int(128) NON_NULLABLE_COLUMNS: bool(true)
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