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pg_pconnect - Open a persistent PostgreSQL connection
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pg_pconnect( string$connection_string, [int$flags = 0] ): PgSql\Connection|false

pg_pconnect opens a connection to a PostgreSQL database. It returns an PgSql\Connection instance that is needed by other PostgreSQL functions.

If a second call is made to pg_pconnect with the same connection_string as an existing connection, the existing connection will be returned unless you pass PGSQL_CONNECT_FORCE_NEW as flags.

To enable persistent connection, the pgsql.allow_persistent php.ini directive must be set to "On" (which is the default). The maximum number of persistent connection can be defined with the pgsql.max_persistent php.ini directive (defaults to -1 for no limit). The total number of connections can be set with the pgsql.max_links php.ini directive.

pg_close will not close persistent links generated by pg_pconnect.



The connection_string can be empty to use all default parameters, or it can contain one or more parameter settings separated by whitespace. Each parameter setting is in the form keyword = value. Spaces around the equal sign are optional. To write an empty value or a value containing spaces, surround it with single quotes, e.g., keyword = 'a value'. Single quotes and backslashes within the value must be escaped with a backslash, i.e., \' and \\.

The currently recognized parameter keywords are: host, hostaddr, port, dbname, user, password, connect_timeout, options, tty (ignored), sslmode, requiressl (deprecated in favor of sslmode), and service. Which of these arguments exist depends on your PostgreSQL version.


If PGSQL_CONNECT_FORCE_NEW is passed, then a new connection is created, even if the connection_string is identical to an existing connection.

Return Values

Returns an PgSql\Connection instance on success, or false on failure.


Version Description
8.1.0 Returns an PgSql\Connection instance now; previously, a resource was returned.

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