PHP 4 >= 4.0.3, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8
pg_put_line - Send a NULL-terminated string to PostgreSQL backend
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pg_put_line( [PgSql\Connection$connection], string$data ): bool

pg_put_line sends a NULL-terminated string to the PostgreSQL backend server. This is needed in conjunction with PostgreSQL's COPY FROM command.

COPY is a high-speed data loading interface supported by PostgreSQL. Data is passed in without being parsed, and in a single transaction.

An alternative to using raw pg_put_line commands is to use pg_copy_from. This is a far simpler interface.


The application must explicitly send the two characters "\." on the last line to indicate to the backend that it has finished sending its data, before issuing pg_end_copy.


Use of the pg_put_line causes most large object operations, including pg_lo_read and pg_lo_tell, to subsequently fail. You can use pg_copy_from and pg_copy_to instead.



An PgSql\Connection instance. When connection is unspecified, the default connection is used. The default connection is the last connection made by pg_connect or pg_pconnect.


As of PHP 8.1.0, using the default connection is deprecated.


A line of text to be sent directly to the PostgreSQL backend. A NULL terminator is added automatically.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.


Version Description
8.1.0 The connection parameter expects an PgSql\Connection instance now; previously, a resource was expected.

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