PHP 4 >= 4.0.3, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8
pg_set_client_encoding - Set the client encoding
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pg_set_client_encoding( [PgSql\Connection$connection], string$encoding ): int

pg_set_client_encoding sets the client encoding and returns 0 if success or -1 if error.

PostgreSQL will automatically convert data in the backend database encoding into the frontend encoding.


The function used to be called pg_setclientencoding.



An PgSql\Connection instance. When connection is unspecified, the default connection is used. The default connection is the last connection made by pg_connect or pg_pconnect.


As of PHP 8.1.0, using the default connection is deprecated.


The required client encoding. One of SQL_ASCII, EUC_JP, EUC_CN, EUC_KR, EUC_TW, UNICODE, MULE_INTERNAL, LATINX (X=1...9), KOI8, WIN, ALT, SJIS, BIG5 or WIN1250.

The exact list of available encodings depends on your PostgreSQL version, so check your PostgreSQL manual for a more specific list.

Return Values

Returns 0 on success or -1 on error.


Version Description
8.1.0 The connection parameter expects an PgSql\Connection instance now; previously, a resource was expected.

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