PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0
cubrid_col_get - Get contents of collection type column using OID
Code Examples

cubrid_col_get( resource$conn_identifier, string$oid, string$attr_name ): array

The cubrid_col_get function is used to get contents of the elements of the collection type (set, multiset, sequence) attribute you requested as an array.



Connection identifier.


OID of the instance that you want to read.


Attribute name that you want to read from the instance.

Return Values

Array (0-based numerical array) containing the elements you requested, when process is successful;

false (to distinguish the error from the situation of attribute having empty collection or NULL, in case of error, a warning message is shown; in such case you can check the error by using cubrid_error_code), when process is unsuccessful.

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