PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0
cubrid_move_cursor - Move the cursor in the result
Code Examples

     [int$origin = CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT]
): bool

The cubrid_move_cursor function is used to move the current cursor location of req_identifier by the value set in the offset argument, to the direction set in the origin argument. To set the origin argument, you can use CUBRID_CURSOR_FIRST for the first part of the result, CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT for the current location of the result, or CUBRID_CURSOR_LAST for the last part of the result. If origin argument is not explicitly designated, then the function uses CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT as its default value.

If the value of cursor movement range goes over the valid limit, then the cursor moves to the next location after the valid range for the cursor. For example, if you move 20 units in the result with the size of 10, then the cursor will move to 11th place and return CUBRID_NO_MORE_DATA.



Request identifier.


Number of units you want to move the cursor.


Location where you want to move the cursor from CUBRID_CURSOR_FIRST, CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT, CUBRID_CURSOR_LAST.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.

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