PECL CUBRID >= 8.4.1
cubrid_lob2_seek64 - Move the cursor of a lob object
Code Examples

     [int$origin = CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT]
): bool

The cubrid_lob2_seek64 function is used to move the cursor position of a lob object by the value set in the offset argument, to the direction set in the origin argument. If the offset you want to move is larger than an integer data can be stored, you can use this function.

To set the origin argument, you can use CUBRID_CURSOR_FIRST to set the cursor position moving forward offset units from the first beginning. In this case, offset must be a positive value.

If you use CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT for origin, you can move forward or backward. and offset can be positive or negative.

If you use CUBRID_CURSOR_LAST for origin, you can move backward offset units from the end of LOB object and offset only can be positive.


If you use this function to move the cursor position of the lob object, you should pass offset as a string.



Lob identifier as a result of cubrid_lob2_new or get from the result set.


Number of units you want to move the cursor.


This parameter can be the following values:

CUBRID_CURSOR_FIRST: move forward from the first beginning.

CUBRID_CURSOR_CURRENT: move forward or backward from the current position.

CUBRID_CURSOR_LAST: move backward at the end of LOB object.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.

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