PHP 5 >= 5.6.0, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL OCI8 >= 2.0.0
oci_get_implicit_resultset - Returns the next child statement resource from a parent statement resource that has Oracle Database Implicit Result Sets
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oci_get_implicit_resultset( resource$statement ): resource|false

Used to fetch consectutive sets of query results after the execution of a stored or anonymous Oracle PL/SQL block where that block returns query results with the Oracle Database 12 (or later) DBMS_SQL.RETURN_RESULT PL/SQL function. This allows PL/SQL blocks to easily return query results.

The child statement can be used with any of the OCI8 fetching functions: oci_fetch, oci_fetch_all, oci_fetch_array, oci_fetch_object, oci_fetch_assoc or oci_fetch_row

Child statements inherit their parent statement's prefetch value, or it can be explicitly set with oci_set_prefetch.



A valid OCI8 statement identifier created by oci_parse and executed by oci_execute. The statement identifier may or may not be associated with a SQL statement that returns Implicit Result Sets.

Return Values

Returns a statement handle for the next child statement available on statement. Returns false when child statements do not exist, or all child statements have been returned by previous calls to oci_get_implicit_resultset.



For queries returning a large number of rows, performance can be significantly improved by increasing oci8.default_prefetch or using oci_set_prefetch.

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