PHP 8.2, PECL OCI8 >= 3.2
oci_set_prefetch_lob - Sets the amount of data prefetched for each CLOB or BLOB.
Code Examples

oci_set_prefetch_lob( resource$statement, int$prefetch_lob_size ): bool

Sets the internal buffer size used to fetch each CLOB or BLOB value when the implementation gets the internal Oracle LOB locator from the database after a successful query call to oci_execute and for each subsequent internal fetch request to the database. Increasing this value can improve the performance of fetching smaller LOBs by reducing round-trips between PHP and the database. Memory usage will change.

The value affects LOBs returned as OCILob instances and also those returned using OCI_RETURN_LOBS.

Call oci_set_prefetch_lob before calling oci_execute. If it is not called, the value of oci8.prefetch_lob_size is used.

The LOB prefetch value should only be set with Oracle Database 12.2 or later.



A valid OCI8 statement identifier created by oci_parse and executed by oci_execute, or a REF CURSOR statement identifier.


The number of bytes of each LOB to be prefetched, >= 0

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.


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