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assert_options - Set/get the various assert flags
Code Examples

assert_options( int$what, [mixed$value] ): mixed

Set the various assert control options or just query their current settings.


As of PHP 7.0.0, the use of assert_options is discouraged in favor of setting and getting the php.ini directives zend.assertions and assert.exception with ini_set and ini_get, respectively.



Assert Options
Option INI Setting Default value Description
ASSERT_ACTIVE 1 enable assert evaluation
ASSERT_WARNING assert.warning 1 issue a PHP warning for each failed assertion
ASSERT_BAIL assert.bail 0 terminate execution on failed assertions
ASSERT_QUIET_EVAL assert.quiet_eval 0 disable error_reporting during assertion expression evaluation
ASSERT_CALLBACK assert.callback (null) Callback to call on failed assertions


An optional new value for the option.

The callback function set via ASSERT_CALLBACK or assert.callback should have the following signature: voidassert_callback stringfile intline stringassertion stringdescription


The file where assert has been called.


The line where assert has been called.


The assertion that has been passed to assert, converted to a string.


The description that has been passed to assert.

Passing an empty string as value resets the assert callback.

Return Values

Returns the original setting of any option or false on errors.

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