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getrusage - Gets the current resource usages
Code Examples

getrusage( [int$mode = 0] ): array|false

This is an interface to getrusage(2). It gets data returned from the system call.



If mode is 1, getrusage will be called with RUSAGE_CHILDREN.

Return Values

Returns an associative array containing the data returned from the system call. All entries are accessible by using their documented field names. Returns false on failure.



On Windows getrusage will only return the following members:

"ru_stime.tv_sec" "ru_stime.tv_usec" "ru_utime.tv_sec" "ru_utime.tv_usec" "ru_majflt" (only if mode is RUSAGE_SELF) "ru_maxrss" (only if mode is RUSAGE_SELF)

If getrusage is called with mode set to 1 (RUSAGE_CHILDREN), then resource usage for threads are collected (meaning that internally the function is called with RUSAGE_THREAD).


on BeOS 2000, only the following members are returned:

"ru_stime.tv_sec" "ru_stime.tv_usec" "ru_utime.tv_sec" "ru_utime.tv_usec"


Version Description
7.0.0 This function is now supported on Windows.

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