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phpcredits - Prints out the credits for PHP
Code Examples

phpcredits( [int$flags = CREDITS_ALL] ): bool

This function prints out the credits listing the PHP developers, modules, etc. It generates the appropriate HTML codes to insert the information in a page.



To generate a custom credits page, you may want to use the flags parameter.

Pre-defined phpcredits flags
name description
CREDITS_ALL All the credits, equivalent to using: CREDITS_DOCS + CREDITS_GENERAL + CREDITS_GROUP + CREDITS_MODULES + CREDITS_FULLPAGE. It generates a complete stand-alone HTML page with the appropriate tags.
CREDITS_DOCS The credits for the documentation team
CREDITS_FULLPAGE Usually used in combination with the other flags. Indicates that a complete stand-alone HTML page needs to be printed including the information indicated by the other flags.
CREDITS_GENERAL General credits: Language design and concept, PHP authors and SAPI module.
CREDITS_GROUP A list of the core developers
CREDITS_MODULES A list of the extension modules for PHP, and their authors
CREDITS_SAPI A list of the server API modules for PHP, and their authors

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.



phpcredits outputs plain text instead of HTML when using the CLI mode.

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