PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8
ini_get_all - Gets all configuration options
Code Examples

ini_get_all( [string|null$extension = null], [bool$details = true] ): array|false

Returns all the registered configuration options.



An optional extension name. If not null or the string core, the function returns only options specific for that extension.


Retrieve details settings or only the current value for each setting. Default is true (retrieve details).

Return Values

Returns an associative array with directive name as the array key. Returns false and raises an E_WARNING level error if the extension doesn't exist.

When details is true (default) the array will contain global_value (set in php.ini), local_value (perhaps set with ini_set or .htaccess), and access (the access level).

When details is false the value will be the current value of the option.

See the manual section for information on what access levels mean.


It's possible for a directive to have multiple access levels, which is why access shows the appropriate bitmask values.



ini_get_all ignores "array" ini options such as pdo.dsn.*.

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