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phpinfo - Outputs information about PHP's configuration
Code Examples

phpinfo( [int$flags = INFO_ALL] ): bool

Outputs a large amount of information about the current state of PHP. This includes information about PHP compilation options and extensions, the PHP version, server information and environment (if compiled as a module), the PHP environment, OS version information, paths, master and local values of configuration options, HTTP headers, and the PHP License.

Because every system is setup differently, phpinfo is commonly used to check configuration settings and for available predefined variables on a given system.

phpinfo is also a valuable debugging tool as it contains all EGPCS (Environment, GET, POST, Cookie, Server) data.



The output may be customized by passing one or more of the following constants bitwise values summed together in the optional flags parameter. One can also combine the respective constants or bitwise values together with the bitwise or operator.

phpinfo options
Name (constant) Value Description
INFO_GENERAL 1 The configuration line, php.ini location, build date, Web Server, System and more.
INFO_CREDITS 2 PHP Credits. See also phpcredits.
INFO_CONFIGURATION 4 Current Local and Master values for PHP directives. See also ini_get.
INFO_MODULES 8 Loaded modules and their respective settings. See also get_loaded_extensions.
INFO_ENVIRONMENT 16 Environment Variable information that's also available in $_ENV.
INFO_VARIABLES 32 Shows all predefined variables from EGPCS (Environment, GET, POST, Cookie, Server).
INFO_LICENSE 64 PHP License information. See also the license FAQ.
INFO_ALL -1 Shows all of the above.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.



In versions of PHP before 5.5, parts of the information displayed are disabled when the expose_php configuration setting is set to off. This includes the PHP and Zend logos, and the credits.


phpinfo outputs plain text instead of HTML when using the CLI mode.

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